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I offer you some Thursday goodies, mainly new songs that I discovered while not sleeping after sahur this morning: 1) A different, but still lovely, version of Edith Piaf (by the very lovely My Brightest Diamond) 2) Vampire Weekend does more of their (what I think is) baroque pop thingy with, yes, 500% more violin! […]

But kinda SHIT anyway. See those black boxes that overlap? FUCK.

Yes I’m spending too much money to go to Tokyo to see these boys, yes I’ll be deliriously happy (if not completely unconscious from all the anticipation) when they finally go out on stage and start the three drum beats that kick off Mansard Roof , yes I will also piss my pants when Coldplay […]

LCD Soundsystem is one of those groups I’ve always heard about but never heard. I don’t even know how I know about them … I don’t think I’ve ever seen their name on a T-shirt or anything. But anyway … this is the kind of hook-y, mindless thing I would have appreciated while trying (in […]



It’s Wednesday but my brain is still not at work, which is kind of bad. At this point, I’d trade in part of my pay to maybe convert 1/4 of my workdays into off days or days spent back at school either doing MCQ 10 yr series or listening to kate talking about the dadaists […]

It’s strange, but while I’ve been thinking about the fact that hey-o I’m 24 this year, I haven’t really given any attention to the fact that the Big Day is this Friday. Everyone else is like ‘Hey it’s your birthday!’ (even my boss?! which is weird I guess cos I’m still new to this nice […]

Vampire Weekend, originally uploaded by lushlifemedia. which debuts on my birthday, i believe. 🙂