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The new Coldplay video made its way to my inbox this morning, so I feel compelled to share: What I actually wanted to share was that hilarious non-conversation that Yasmine and I overheard while inching out of the Chiba Marine stadium during Summerfest after Summer Sonic,  between two American dudes (yes, DUDES) who seemed really […]

How white are you? Honestly, though, I’m not as white as I thought I was. I’m not into organic food. Or yoga. Hey, I didn’t even get a liberal arts education! (Although all signs point to the fact that I probably should’ve …) I think, Yasmine, you can easily hit an A1 on this test […]

Yes I’m spending too much money to go to Tokyo to see these boys, yes I’ll be deliriously happy (if not completely unconscious from all the anticipation) when they finally go out on stage and start the three drum beats that kick off Mansard Roof , yes I will also piss my pants when Coldplay […]