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How nice that this should be on NYT on the morning that I was very unceremoniously drenched in water thanks to some fucking car driving into a puddle. Advertisements

Chickens in New York A choice quote: “This crazy guy keeps buying them from the market — some animal-rights guy, but I think he’s messed up in the head — and he keeps leaving them here,” Mr. Newcomb said. “He thinks he’s saving them, but it’s not like they’re safe around here. Somebody told me […]

Most useful NYT article of the week (besides all the ones trying to convince a convert that Sarah Palin is kinda dumb and evil): Girl Talk Has Its Limits MOST teenage girls love to talk to their friends. And talk. And talk. As Debra Lee, the Brooklyn mother of a 13-year-old, observes about her daughter […]

Christoph Niemann blogged over at NYT about how his sons are obsessed about the New York subway. Cute! A chaperone on one of Arthur’s school trips told me something he overheard when all the kids were neatly lined up in rows of two. The girl holding Arthur’s hand asked him, “Have you heard of Peter […]

This is seriously the cutest article ever written. It starts by focusing on an artist who lives on a farm infested with woodchucks, also known as groundhogs (see above), who were ruining his garden, so he decides he has to do something to make them go away. After trying a few non-violent methods, he decides […]

essays on love


from good ol’ NYT of course. 1) Want to be my boyfriend? Please define. 2) May I have this dance? Verrry nice.