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in kl. rinduuuu. not just the food, but also my rushdie book (see post below) which i, yes, left on the bus. what will the pemandu bas do with it, i wonder. bye bye booook. i actually enjoyed reading you. zat, jangan lupa carikan di perpustakaan nus. Advertisements

Random: Oooh, new weather guy on CNN. I always pack a book for trips. Always. The chances that I’ll crack the book open at least once, much less finish it, are very low, though. Still, picking the Right Book for a holiday always gives me a bit of anxiety. Will this book make me too […]

hometown glory


i really like Adele! i can’t not. so the gluttons’ trip has been booked (sort of) and i realise i only have enough cash (barely) to eat. no shopping. ok except maybe one thing. just one. where are my sunglasses?