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You may have heard me mention Fleet Foxes quite a bit … I saw their album at HMV the other day and got so excited, but I didn’t get it, because I have most of the songs on my ipod anyway, but honestly, if I should give anyone my money, it would be Robin Pecknold. […]

I just found her. I really have. I’ll bet a huge sum of money on the fact that she’s the one who used John Mayer’s Clarity on a trailer a few years ago. Also probably the same person who used Peter Bjorn & John’s Young Folks earlier this year on another trailer. And now … […]

It’s strange, but while I’ve been thinking about the fact that hey-o I’m 24 this year, I haven’t really given any attention to the fact that the Big Day is this Friday. Everyone else is like ‘Hey it’s your birthday!’ (even my boss?! which is weird I guess cos I’m still new to this nice […]

and my cramps are escalating without permission. but it’s a national holiday, and it’s nighttime so it’s better than the usual. i suppose. when it is way too hot, i always find myself looking for something i haven’t seen in a while, but which i really need now. tonight it is my tiny black shoulder […]