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i need more reggae in my life, too. Advertisements

I offer you some Thursday goodies, mainly new songs that I discovered while not sleeping after sahur this morning: 1) A different, but still lovely, version of Edith Piaf (by the very lovely My Brightest Diamond) 2) Vampire Weekend does more of their (what I think is) baroque pop thingy with, yes, 500% more violin! […]

Thanks to Skins, of course. Born Ruffians – Little Garcon Animal Collective – Fickle Cycle

LCD Soundsystem is one of those groups I’ve always heard about but never heard. I don’t even know how I know about them … I don’t think I’ve ever seen their name on a T-shirt or anything. But anyway … this is the kind of hook-y, mindless thing I would have appreciated while trying (in […]

80s revival! (or maybe the 80s never really left ….) they list hall and oates as their influence on their myspace page. hahaha. bonus material: ok and then please go and check out laura marling.

Not the actual music video. I have no idea how this got onto my iTunes but I’m glad for it because I’m so boreddddddd. CD shopping this weeeeek.