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So Obama is giving his 1st big victory speech (the actual one is supposed to come in Nov … if) and he just said some nice words about Hillary (sob) and then right, he said that he’s awed about how people (women women women) came out and voted in ways that were truly inspiring. (actual […]

whatever. WHATEVER. Enjoy the holy cuteness that is David Archuleta: It’s kinda stupid, but Guitar Hero made the same ad for both Archie and Cook, which seems pointless. Also note: Archie has shorts on (Tom Cruise had tighty whiteys on in the original) because really, he does look 13. So with the shorts on, I […]

child violence


i nearly terbegik when i saw this on ONTD: Why such violence, people? Is this like a natural extension of some people’s need to kick helpless puppies?