The new Coldplay video made its way to my inbox this morning, so I feel compelled to share:

What I actually wanted to share was that hilarious non-conversation that Yasmine and I overheard while inching out of the Chiba Marine stadium during Summerfest after Summer Sonic,  between two American dudes (yes, DUDES) who seemed really perplexed by Chris Martin’s stage posturing, trying to figure out whether it meant he was going nuts or had officially sold out or something I couldn’t really follow properly.

Which reminds me of another conversation I heard while walking out of my hostel on the day before Summer Sonic:

Guy 1 to Guy 2: It’s like, capitalism, man. That’s like, the problem.

Guy 2: Yeah man.





So have you seen Katie Couric interviewing Sarah Palin? You really should, because it’ll make you cringe realllll good.

In this video, Katie Couric asks Sarah why she think Alaska’s proximity to Russia has any bearing whatsoever on her ability to handle America’s foreign policy as potential VP (and potential P – McBush doesn’t look too sprightly, you know?)

She waffles, OF COURSE, and it’s hilarious.

Also hilarious? These comments from Gawker:

– I have fashion experience since I work in the same building as Elle

– and u can call me marie, queen of romania, cuz i had goulash one time in the dining hall at camp

– I’m able to solve the problems in the Middle East because I am currently eating a falafel.

– I have famous actor experience because I once stood behind Keanu Reeves at a Farmer’s Market in Hollywood.

– I shop at the Farmer’s Market on Sundays so I feel qualified handling international relations. Plus I can now name a lot of vegetables I couldn’t before.

– I took a birth control pill this morning, So I am clearly qualified to take on our health care policies and drug companies…

For more Palin hilarity, you must also see this: Worst of Sarah Palin’s Katie Couric Interview (So Far)

Did I mention that I love Gawker?

I offer you some Thursday goodies, mainly new songs that I discovered while not sleeping after sahur this morning:

1) A different, but still lovely, version of Edith Piaf (by the very lovely My Brightest Diamond)

2) Vampire Weekend does more of their (what I think is) baroque pop thingy with, yes, 500% more violin!

pssst if anyone wants the mp3s, you know wat to do



How nice that this should be on NYT on the morning that I was very unceremoniously drenched in water thanks to some fucking car driving into a puddle.



Society is too lax on the aged

Society is too lax on the aged

I was trying to get a feel of whether I should go and read Philip Roth’s American Pastoral (just because I’m madly in love with the title) so I went to Amazon and found the above gem.

Yes! Truth! These old-male-writers-as-institutions thing is a bit annoying. There’s a good reason why I never touched them in the first place (not like, literally … eww) – because all their blurbs tell you very little about the stories contained within the books, and more about how awesome these dudes are and how you, like, totally have to read them. “Old man fiction” is what we christened them at one point – but since I borrowed and got stuck on Coetzee’s Disgrace I am now open to exploring erm, other experiences with these old men. Hurhur. My next big project will be trying to get through The Road which, I admit, foolishly threw aside last year with a little spat of “ugh, father-son fiction, CANNOT RELATE”. Shallow!

Actually, I just want Jonathan Franzen to write different versions of The Corrections over and over until I die.

From The LA Times: Facebook reflects struggle over Islam’s role

(I prefer Gawker’s title: Facebook proves people are all alike (Dumb) )

With dueling names such as the International Day to Take Off Your Veil and Prophet Muhammad: The Greatest Leader of All Time, they taunt one another; they agree to disagree and occasionally they hack into opposing Facebook pages to mute, at least temporarily, the offending polemic.

Kids (people) who argue about religion from their opposing standpoints of “Religion is everything” and “Religion is nothing” never get anywhere, but bringing the debate online just makes it easier for both sides to scream at each other.

This is why I spend my (limited) time on Facebook joining groups demanding the return of garlic chilli sauce to McDonald’s.