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In anticipation of “the biggest record of the year”, The Guardian ran this interview with Coldplay (well, mostly just Chris Martin) and it shall be filed under ‘why old journalism sucks ass and new self-conscious journalism rocks ass’: ‘Have I rediscovered God?’ he ponders. ‘Um. No. I’m always trying to work out what he or […]

This post was meant to be a response to Yasmine’s excellent summary of what we got up to on Friday night at Borders – mainly trying to run through what could be a semester’s worth of comparative lit study in school in about half an hour.

Our inspiration was a local book of short stories which has recently been shortlisted for an international short fiction prize, a book which I discovered in a Borders in KL (how fitting) and set about reading because I am one of those truly heinous types who likes to look at whatever creative, local-made thing is set before me if only to sniff and believe, truly beliiieeeeve that if only I would do something, that something would be so much better.

Vile, isn’t it?



There are too many things in this world for one to be completely and utterly ravaged by loss. (or so I say until … whenever) My heartbreak over losing Shame has been diminished greatly by two other books: Q’s Legacy by Helene Hanff and Orlando by Virginia Woolf. The first, I chose from Zat’s bookshelf […]

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