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So have you seen Katie Couric interviewing Sarah Palin? You really should, because it’ll make you cringe realllll good. In this video, Katie Couric asks Sarah why she think Alaska’s proximity to Russia has any bearing whatsoever on her ability to handle America’s foreign policy as potential VP (and potential P – McBush doesn’t look […]

i may have told some of you about this video. at about 40 secs in, the chimp goes for the gun. the zookeepers look completely inadequate, yes, but that monkey is really really scary.

I always like to think that a person is made up by the films that he watches. I can tell whether I can get along with someone by looking at his/her DVD collection, whether he thinks Infernal Affairs, The Departed is a better film. I used to room with someone who thought The Departed was […]

it seems inevitable that after a three-day weekend of ‘this is my birthday and i’ll do whatever i want’ posturing, that i will be here at work on a monday feeling quite empty and ready to do whatever it takes to do something about something (read: planning GRE prep, downloading mentorship applications and looking for […]

Thanks to Stuff White People Like, I got to read this: Last month, Joan Laufer, who is white and who moved into a house in Northeast in 2006, stood up to express gratitude to a black minister for describing how hard it was for blacks to get home improvement loans and for addressing some sensitive […]