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Very sick.


And watching Skins because it’s brillllliantttt, even when your throat feels like shit and you’re sneezing every 5 seconds Advertisements

Um ..


The trailer for New York I Love You aka potentially second-rate Paris Je T’aime: Some choice comments from Gawker: When about 75% of all movies ever made are love songs to New York City I fail to see how this is necessary. I could just watch “When Harry Met Sally” again. Word. And: And is […]

Or lack of it. Vincent Kartheiser, on Mad Men: Vincent Kartheiser in Real Life: Now I know why casting directors need qualifications – you need some special skillzzz to see the potential under facial hair and general schleppiness. Seriously, I could look at Pete Campbell stills all day. Ohhhhhh MEN IN SUITS, smoking, and being […]

Technically, I think this post should be in our Portable Reader’s Guide, but I have no um, feeling for it anymore. It has dieded, methinks. TOTAL EXCITEMENT. Despite Titanic, I think seeing these two together again in Revolutionary Road will be extraordinary. If anybody wants to borrow the book by Richard Yates, let me know. […]

So Obama is giving his 1st big victory speech (the actual one is supposed to come in Nov … if) and he just said some nice words about Hillary (sob) and then right, he said that he’s awed about how people (women women women) came out and voted in ways that were truly inspiring. (actual […]



So I watched the SATC movie on Wednesday – that’s right, I’m ahead of all you people – with the Ketz, and it was really really fun. You know you kinda worry about revisiting things that were already so good before (coughIndianaJonescough) only to have this revisited thing suck bad, but no, there were no […]

Nak nangis


Guess what I saw on the front page of NYT online today? “Deceptively simple and threaded with gentle humor, “Mukhsin” paints the turmoil of puppy love on a canvas of family relationships as delightful as it is believable. With a free-spirited English-speaking mother and a father who helps with housework (“Malays who have forgotten their […]