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Sorry, I should blog more about like, my life or whatever, but I am insanely tired trying to avoid deadlines and freelance editors and the like, SO I only have time to care about things like sharing music with you! Anyway the Internet is truly GOD, because it keeps popping out cool stuff, like this […]

Double twee


Not exactly favourite or new, but the combination of Regina Spektor and Ben Folds is like double cuteness you have to watch: Check out Regina’s OBAMA belt 🙂

I offer you some Thursday goodies, mainly new songs that I discovered while not sleeping after sahur this morning: 1) A different, but still lovely, version of Edith Piaf (by the very lovely My Brightest Diamond) 2) Vampire Weekend does more of their (what I think is) baroque pop thingy with, yes, 500% more violin! […]

Thanks to Skins, of course. Born Ruffians – Little Garcon Animal Collective – Fickle Cycle

I took this video! Me!!! Ok, I apologise for the constant motion, I was holding it really high up, and my arms were dying. There are better videos on youtube (keywords ‘travis’ and ‘singfest’), but you know this is speshulll 🙂 xoxo

You may have heard me mention Fleet Foxes quite a bit … I saw their album at HMV the other day and got so excited, but I didn’t get it, because I have most of the songs on my ipod anyway, but honestly, if I should give anyone my money, it would be Robin Pecknold. […]

Live From Abbey Road is the kind of show I probably should have paid more attention to but the whole feel of it is too depressing for me. That said, this is beautiful: (fast forward to the song, which is abt a minute in) If this version makes you weep too, you can download the […]