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I’m sorry to keep making you change your bookmarks / blogroll links or whatever but I’m a Gemini yo and we don’t tend to stay at things for very long. Anyway Tumblr has fully customisable layouts! Which is awesome. Bye bye wordpress! It was fun getting so many hits a day and pretending I was […]

… a birthday party. The host was turning five, a big occasion. I’d missed my own because of the coma, but I wasn’t looking forward to it because I anticipated a sombre affair, you know, when a child’s innocence shows signs of strain and the five-year-old begins, with sadness and alarm, to question why he’s […]

Sorry, I should blog more about like, my life or whatever, but I am insanely tired trying to avoid deadlines and freelance editors and the like, SO I only have time to care about things like sharing music with you! Anyway the Internet is truly GOD, because it keeps popping out cool stuff, like this […]

i need more reggae in my life, too.

Double twee


Not exactly favourite or new, but the combination of Regina Spektor and Ben Folds is like double cuteness you have to watch: Check out Regina’s OBAMA belt 🙂