Sarah Palin’s dumbness and evilness continues … mostly dumbness though



So have you seen Katie Couric interviewing Sarah Palin? You really should, because it’ll make you cringe realllll good.

In this video, Katie Couric asks Sarah why she think Alaska’s proximity to Russia has any bearing whatsoever on her ability to handle America’s foreign policy as potential VP (and potential P – McBush doesn’t look too sprightly, you know?)

She waffles, OF COURSE, and it’s hilarious.

Also hilarious? These comments from Gawker:

– I have fashion experience since I work in the same building as Elle

– and u can call me marie, queen of romania, cuz i had goulash one time in the dining hall at camp

– I’m able to solve the problems in the Middle East because I am currently eating a falafel.

– I have famous actor experience because I once stood behind Keanu Reeves at a Farmer’s Market in Hollywood.

– I shop at the Farmer’s Market on Sundays so I feel qualified handling international relations. Plus I can now name a lot of vegetables I couldn’t before.

– I took a birth control pill this morning, So I am clearly qualified to take on our health care policies and drug companies…

For more Palin hilarity, you must also see this: Worst of Sarah Palin’s Katie Couric Interview (So Far)

Did I mention that I love Gawker?


3 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s dumbness and evilness continues … mostly dumbness though”

  1. Interesting Blog!!!!! Check out my blog, I posted a video that shows a trailer to the Sarah Palin’s movie. here’s the link

  2. 2 yasmine

    HAHAHA which post is the one with all the hilarious comments above?

  3. 3 Joon

    the first link. are u awake at 3am like me??

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