Old men and books

Society is too lax on the aged

Society is too lax on the aged

I was trying to get a feel of whether I should go and read Philip Roth’s American Pastoral (just because I’m madly in love with the title) so I went to Amazon and found the above gem.

Yes! Truth! These old-male-writers-as-institutions thing is a bit annoying. There’s a good reason why I never touched them in the first place (not like, literally … eww) – because all their blurbs tell you very little about the stories contained within the books, and more about how awesome these dudes are and how you, like, totally have to read them. “Old man fiction” is what we christened them at one point – but since I borrowed and got stuck on Coetzee’s Disgrace I am now open to exploring erm, other experiences with these old men. Hurhur. My next big project will be trying to get through The Road which, I admit, foolishly threw aside last year with a little spat of “ugh, father-son fiction, CANNOT RELATE”. Shallow!

Actually, I just want Jonathan Franzen to write different versions of The Corrections over and over until I die.


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