Regina’s wish comes true … sort of

"they’re cool chickens"

"they're cool chickens"

Chickens in New York

A choice quote:

“This crazy guy keeps buying them from the market — some animal-rights guy, but I think he’s messed up in the head — and he keeps leaving them here,” Mr. Newcomb said. “He thinks he’s saving them, but it’s not like they’re safe around here. Somebody told me the hawks swoop down on them, too. Eventually, the health department comes, or whatever, the A.S.P.C.A., and they pick them up.”

“They run out in the road,” he said. “I’ve already seen two of them get run over. It’s a shame, because they’re cool chickens.”

Yeah, this is why I love the New York Times ok?

Oh, and Regina Spektor reference explained here.


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