Did I mention that Sarah Palin is dumb and evil?


Sarah Palin sure looks good, but seriously:

“It was rough with a staff who didn’t want to be there working with a new boss. I learned you’ve got to be very discerning early on and decide if you can win them over or not. If you can’t, you replace them early on.”

… Langill, the former councilwoman, said the new hires fit Palin’s management style.

“Sarah always did and still does surround herself with people she gets along well with,” she said. “They protect her, and that’s what she needs. She has surrounded herself with people who would not allow others to disagree with Sarah. Either you were in favor of everything Sarah was doing or had a black mark by your name.”

from the Washington Post

Sarah Palin is guilty of worse things (go to the Washington Post source for more gory details) but I’m just trying to point out that – stupidity in power manifests itself very simply at first, and then turns into all sorts of evil things, and by the time anyone wants to do something about it, it’s always too late.

Which is  me saying that if ever you are threatened with such idiocy, STAMP IT OUT. At all costs.


3 Responses to “Did I mention that Sarah Palin is dumb and evil?”

  1. 1 George

    I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin. You might find this story about her funny:

  2. 2 Joon

    awesomeness. i vote for urkel!

  3. Yeah, in response to the first commenter, I have noticed quite a lot of humorous political articles lately.


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