My mother was soooo right



Most useful NYT article of the week (besides all the ones trying to convince a convert that Sarah Palin is kinda dumb and evil):

Girl Talk Has Its Limits

MOST teenage girls love to talk to their friends. And talk. And talk.

As Debra Lee, the Brooklyn mother of a 13-year-old, observes about her daughter Tessa and Tessa’s teenage friends: “They just keep talking. All day. On the phone all night. Sometimes I think they just like to hear each other breathe.”

… “When girls are talking about these problems, it probably feels good to get that level of support and validation,” said Dr. Rose, whose latest study on co-rumination was published in the journal Developmental Psychology last year. “But they are not putting two and two together, that actually this excessive talking can make them feel worse.”

Yes, if there is one big regret I have about my teenage years (and beyond) it’s – what the fuck was I doing everyday? Oh right, hanging out at McDonald’s from 3 in the afternoon to closing time, talking about the same evil bitches/parents/siblings/teachers and adding absolutely nothing to my understanding of the world.

I suppose that, had I not sort of become antisocial and uber-lazy and kind of fucking mean with regards to cutting people out my life, I would still be stuck in that damn cycle of meet up-find out things-gossip gossip gossip-conclude that I am better than anyone else in the planet.

(not that I don’t still gossip or whatever, but it has become strangely unappetizing, though still an easy reach when I run out of things to “discuss” … which is all the time .. rest assured I am now fully aware of how shallow I am when I partake of gossip … sort of like how I know it’s pure vanity for me to spend $25 for manicures … VICES – they’re ok, if you’re aware that you’re doing them … somebody let me write a moral guide, please)

Anyway, that opening paragraph – woohoo don’t let my mum see it. She’d be all like ‘SEE I WAS RIGHT AND THE NEW YORK TIMES AGREES WITH ME’. She used to tell me that all that talking on the phone would never amount to anything 10 years down the road, and mummy, you are so fucking prescient it’s creepy. (She was also right, by the way, when she told me at 14 that someday I’d let the Backstreet Boys go. I was embarrassingly adamant that that would never happen but ummm yeah.)

That’s all!

*edited to add: Seriously Joon what is up with all the swearing??? And I shouldn’t have used the word ‘unappetizing’ … NOTHING is unappetizing to me at this point. Give me a few more days of mooncakes constantly streaming into the office and i might just do a Werner Herzog … because I don’t think God said anything about not eating non-edible things!!! (just strike me with lightning now, really)

2 Responses to “My mother was soooo right”

  1. 1 yasmine

    The healthy example in the article was role-playing. Seriously?

    Anyway this is why you should join the book club. We force you to read the unread Faulkner on your shelf, and then we help you to love it. It’s talk, but it’s, like, deep, y’know?

  2. 2 Joon

    haha. honestly, i get scared by the idea of trying to make meaning out of books.

    but what’s your next book ah

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