Very sick.


And watching Skins because it’s brillllliantttt, even when your throat feels like shit and you’re sneezing every 5 seconds

Better than Gossip Girllll

Better than Gossip Girllll


3 Responses to “Very sick.”

  1. 1 curious george

    no oh my god IT IS SOOO NOT BETTER THAN GOSSIP GIRL. so disjointed the narrative. at least gg is more coherent and totally flamboyantly glam and fluff. this skin tries too hard to be dysfunctional!
    either that or i just dont get british humour. like nothing is going on somehow.

  2. 2 Joon

    gossip girl is sooooo soap opera lah!

    having said that … 2nd season debuts this week! mmm chuckkkk

  3. 3 curious george

    but i suspect ah that gg is going downhill from here just like oc. i bet it’s gonna be like the whole marissa and what’s-his-snoopy-face together or not shit except this time it’s dan and serena.

    but oh how i miss my serena!

    actually i dont care for any of this i just want L word to go on forever. sigh why cant good tv series be like days of our lives. the way they stretch plot and introduce new characters is amazing!

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