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Very sick.


And watching Skins because it’s brillllliantttt, even when your throat feels like shit and you’re sneezing every 5 seconds Advertisements

Street fighter


Where this comes from: I interviewed someone recently who’s gonna be in the next Street Fighter film … I was (am) bored at work so I decided to do some Googling! My Street Fighter tactic – as taught to me by my very capable and violent male cousins – was to just press buttons randomly […]

Um ..


The trailer for New York I Love You aka potentially second-rate Paris Je T’aime: Some choice comments from Gawker: When about 75% of all movies ever made are love songs to New York City I fail to see how this is necessary. I could just watch “When Harry Met Sally” again. Word. And: And is […]

It is soooo interesting watching a Nigerian – an actual, honest-to-God Nigeran – play “ping pong”. You think: here is a man who is truly unique. Well, him and those (relatively hot) Germans. Request: Please, let’s all petition the world for a change in table tennis outfits.

Reverse racism


REVENGE, I say, for the Spanish athletes who posed for a photo slanting their eyes: Every white man looks the same? No, seriously, not everyone can look as butta-faced as Michael Phelps. As my boss says: GOD IS FAIR.

Or lack of it. Vincent Kartheiser, on Mad Men: Vincent Kartheiser in Real Life: Now I know why casting directors need qualifications – you need some special skillzzz to see the potential under facial hair and general schleppiness. Seriously, I could look at Pete Campbell stills all day. Ohhhhhh MEN IN SUITS, smoking, and being […]

Tokyo photos


iThis is like a milestone, or something. I’m actually posting about a trip! Wahaaa. Yes, isn’t it a lovely thing, to see how Japanese people compromise on sanity BUT NOT STYLE? I love Japanese men in suits, even if I think they’re crazy to be wearing them on days with 34-degree weather and 170% humidity […]