Fish sauce

This is a good book

This is a good book

Books always make me hungry. I read Carson McCullers’ The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (I will never stop pointing out how beautiful that title is) and I desperately needed some ice tea.

I’ve been reading Rattawut Lapcharoensap’s Sightseeing, which made me seriously want that fried rice that Thai Express claims was Chulalongkorn’s favourite dish. Mmm. Instead I got to eat me the best-value Thai meal ($6.80 for pineapple rice, pandan chicken, green curry chicken mmmmm, sweet & sour fish and one spring roll) at Thomson Plaza, where my colleagues and I also discovered that en-tee-yew-ceeee is moving boldly into the world of upmarket markets with this ‘Fairprice Finest’ thing. We sniffed. A lot. But I do like their uniforms.

Now that I’ve had my thai chilli sauce and fish sauce, I want more. I have forgotten about sushi. I need to read something that will make me want sushi again. I don’t think Murakami will do it.

Speaking of Tokyo (which is always on my mind) …

– I have gotten over my anger at the Summer Sonic schedulers for putting MGMT and Vampire Weekend on separate stages 5 minutes apart. Fuckers. Ok, no anger. But it made me yo-yo between my love for the two bands, and MGMT was winning yesterday, but today I watched a pretty crappy clip of VW and I got all excited again. Ok, I’ll run off about 20 mins before MGMT ends. Half and half. Nat, you’re soooo practical, it’s almost disgusting.

– My colleague, this designer girl who wears awesome T-shirts and is always blaring Cure-like bands in her car, got pretty freakin excited about the line-up when she saw The Jesus and Mary Chain. She is -this- close to going. I checked flights for her and found that …

– CATHAY PACIFIC TIX ARE AT 780!!! -insert profanity-

But I’m still heppiieeee. I was a bit sad the other day, cos my dad went into a tirade of abuse at us hedonistic children of his, gallivanting around the world (my sister flew off to Frankfurt last night, and my mom and I alarmed her with our farewell hugs, my family is big on ‘You know never know what will happen’s) but I’m okay now. I seriously, for about 5 hours, considered cancelling my Tokyo trip and forfeiting my flight … but I realised that wouldn’t really change anything anyway, except to make me feel wholly fucking depressed.

You can’t please everyone, so you might as well keep yourself happy? Something like that?


4 Responses to “Fish sauce”

  1. 1 yasmine

    If there is one thing I have learnt about dealing with parents in my 26 years of dealing with parents, it’s that you should never do anything to gain their approval because the end result will always be that they’re not impressed, and you’ll be upset with yourself for failing for even bothering to try. And of course the next time you do someting the teensiest bit irresponsible, all memories of your attempts at being a good daughter will have been forgotten. THERE IS NO POINT.

    Best advice I ever got about how to react to my mum’s endless tirades against my moral laxity: “Ignore her!”

    On reading for sushi: I am packing Peter Carey’s “Wrong About Japan” for the trip. I have a good feeling about this.

  2. 2 yasmine

    Oh. I have been craving the black pepper soft shell crab rice from Thai Express. Let’s go there sometime.

  3. 3 ad

    murakami became too flimsy for my liking. after a while i started getting tired of reading about awkward people and strange dreams. i cant wait to READ and i will start right about thursday. enjoy tokyo! by the way, hook me up if you feel like you need to want to eat sushi. i can make you want it, more like DESIRE it. rindu joon.

  4. 4 Joon


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