hey (59%) white girl


Shorts Group

How white are you?

Honestly, though, I’m not as white as I thought I was. I’m not into organic food. Or yoga. Hey, I didn’t even get a liberal arts education! (Although all signs point to the fact that I probably should’ve …)

I think, Yasmine, you can easily hit an A1 on this test 🙂

Speaking of Yasmine … she has created the best effing blog post in the history of the universe over at her blog. It – is – awesome. Yes, I remember them playing Great DJ on my birthday. And I didn’t even know that The Wombats had a music video for that song! Awesome awesome awesome …

You are, of course, very right about the fact that I don’t really care about anything else but VMPRWKND (see how fangirl-y I can get).

Preparing for Japan now mainly consists of figuring out ways in which I can prevent myself from starving or being forced to walk everywhere because I can’t afford the train ticket.

Speaking of which …

The Tokyo rail map is FUCKING INTENSE:

Tokyo Train Map

Tokyo Train Map

Nak mati kan. (click on pic for bigger, scarier version)

I have a lot of faith in myself after successfully not getting lost on the LA and SF public transportation routes though so … I SHALL OVERCOME.


5 Responses to “hey (59%) white girl”

  1. 1 Yasmine

    Awww so sweet your plug. But I think only you will find it awesome because you are going to Summersonic too.

    Ok I’m gonna take that white test now.

  2. 2 Yasmine

    Haha I’m 64 percent! I’m part of the Expensive Sandwich Group.

  3. 3 Joon

    wahaha i am totally gonna print my White ID

  4. That’s not actually Tokyo’s “TRAIN” map…it’s mainly just the “subway” system. The above ground train system actually has more stations than the subway system.

    –Tokyo Five

  5. 5 barbie

    Hi there,

    i got a pair of 2 day pass for summer sonic tickets available for sale . Anybody interested ?
    Pls email conniesantoso@hotmail.com

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