music keeps monday ok


Live From Abbey Road is the kind of show I probably should have paid more attention to but the whole feel of it is too depressing for me. That said, this is beautiful:

(fast forward to the song, which is abt a minute in)

If this version makes you weep too, you can download the audio capture I made of it here.

If you need some surefire-spirit-raising music, I’ve also helpfully got something for you here.

For fear of getting dumped into prison, I shall just hint at what it is: new work from biggest band in the world who doesn’t need my money (or yours either) and who made a surprisingly … textured album.

Oh shoot, I said album. (four stars, no less!)

Really, Chris Martin doesn’t need anybody’s money. He really wants all of us to steal his album and send the money we would have spent on it to Africa.

I’m pretty sure about that.


One Response to “music keeps monday ok”

  1. 1 xy

    ha, I really thought the killers were Brits at first!!

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