Favourite New Song: LCD Soundsystem ‘Someone Great’


LCD Soundsystem is one of those groups I’ve always heard about but never heard. I don’t even know how I know about them … I don’t think I’ve ever seen their name on a T-shirt or anything.

But anyway … this is the kind of hook-y, mindless thing I would have appreciated while trying (in vain) to practice maths in JC … (had I not gotten that ugly E, would i have maybe been a neurosurgeon?) ….

Sorry for all the ellipses.

Anyway, I think my editor is majorly depressed.

ANYWAY … Thank you Gossip Girl 🙂

*Edited to add:

As I have been anticipating for a while, still-my-favourite-band (we’ll see whether they can top either my 1 1/2-year weezer obsession or my -gulp embarrasssssed- 3-year John Mayer insanity) came out with their new video, and it’s kind of cute.

Men in white suits never looked so goooood.


This is actually my favourite favourite new song:

Would people love this band so much if that guy didn’t have ‘VanWyngarden’ as his last name and both of them didn’t always look like they were covered in mud?

I think … yes. The music is so trippy.


5 Responses to “Favourite New Song: LCD Soundsystem ‘Someone Great’”

  1. 1 yasmine

    the vampire weekend video is really cool! it’s very white, don’t you think? we are so damn white.

  2. 2 Joon

    i’m thinking of changing this blog’s name to ‘hey, white girl’

  3. 3 Yasmine

    Yeah why not! Then we can form the Club of People Who Claim To Be of Other Ethnicities/Nationalities on Their Blogs.

    We need more members for our Ethnic Minority Girls Who Like Chinese Boys Club too, by the way.

  4. You won’t blame i if i was hesitating in reading this mail. Each one of us cares for your time. But now when i has been reading this article about LCD, do i still think that i am wasting my time?

  5. 5 Joon


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