My music soulmate


I just found her. I really have. I’ll bet a huge sum of money on the fact that she’s the one who used John Mayer’s Clarity on a trailer a few years ago. Also probably the same person who used Peter Bjorn & John’s Young Folks earlier this year on another trailer.

And now … FLEET fucking FOXES.

IN ADDITION to the trailer of show-I-can’t-remember which had Vampire Weekend’s Mansard Roof in it, which I saw (and gasped at) somewhere over the weekend.

I know this incredibly obtuse and nerdy, but I – am – so – happy that somewhere out there (well, close to my office actually, which makes it just a little more exciting) people with my almost exact taste in music exist.

Of course, this means that if I ever do get to know them properly and have a conversation, it will fail drastically.

No matter.


3 Responses to “My music soulmate”

  1. 1 i~sha

    “trailer of show-i-can’t-rmbr” – Pushing Daisies, I think. =D

    and… missed my production last week. =((

  2. 2 zat

    maybe you can be a lesbian

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