and i thought i was judgmental


I always like to think that a person is made up by the films that he watches. I can tell whether I can get along with someone by looking at his/her DVD collection, whether he thinks Infernal Affairs, The Departed is a better film. I used to room with someone who thought The Departed was a better film than Infernal Affairs, and conincidentally, I hated her. 🙂

mmm …. coming from a filmmaker and an ADULT this is kind of disturbing.

Also, I thought the local equivalent to coffee and cigarettes was … coffee and cigarettes?? (not a certain kind of local dish made with soy sauce, radish and sometimes sambal …)

Random: Joy Division turned into New Order. How did I not know that.


3 Responses to “and i thought i was judgmental”

  1. 1 ad

    i think films is not bad as books. also it depends on what you pay to watch. if someone pays 8 bucks to go watch john tucker must die or the equivalent chances are there’s not much things to talk abt. but unless you are like zat who perpetually feels she’s not in the mood for “serious brain” movie hence watches john tucker and other chick flick then it becomes rather hard to judge one’s level of intellect or wisdom or whatever.

  2. 2 zat

    helllooo where have you disappeared to!?!! tak online pon. anyway can burn my photos from kl+bkk

  3. 3 Joon

    online, but watching the apprentice UK non-stop 🙂
    yeah yeah i will burn for u. since i will be flush with cash this week, shall we meeeeet

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