a lot of plannns ah


it seems inevitable that after a three-day weekend of ‘this is my birthday and i’ll do whatever i want’ posturing, that i will be here at work on a monday feeling quite empty and ready to do whatever it takes to do something about something (read: planning GRE prep, downloading mentorship applications and looking for publications i would actually enjoy freelancing for).

ok i’ll save the rest of my deep introspection for my journal.

in the meantime …

thanks to everyone who ate (and danced) with me this weekend 🙂 i’d put up the picture of adlina ‘passing the glowing orb’ but i don’t know how she feels about having her face on the internet.

but i will publish this …

i think one can aptly call oneself “grown up” or “mature” when one does not allow slipknot wannabes to ruin one’s birthday.


2 Responses to “a lot of plannns ah”

  1. 1 zat

    that was actually one of the rare days that i actually had a lot of fun…in a long while. and yes, even with all the budak budak bands and GETTING CHASED OUT OF A CLUB while they cleaned up…(?!)
    i don’t know what is it about celebrating other people’s birthdays that always makes me feel soooo happy, maybe because it’s just not MINE? and hence, no expectations? hahaha
    that said, rindu lahhh mana kau
    hari hari aku check ini blog to see photos of brunch…whereeeee?

  2. 2 Joon

    you are going to slap me but we didn’t take any pictures of the food at the brunch haha
    we were too shy to act so suaku at THE RITZ

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