obama for prez, the singaporean lowbrow style


So Obama is giving his 1st big victory speech (the actual one is supposed to come in Nov … if) and he just said some nice words about Hillary (sob) and then right, he said that he’s awed about how people (women women women) came out and voted in ways that were truly inspiring. (actual phrase will be added when his full speech is online)

And I was like thinking – hey, doesn’t he watch American Idol? I mean, my favourite statistic last year while I was writing all my Idol cover stories was that the previous year’s competition had garnered more votes than all the presidential votes combined (something along those lines anyway).

THAT is inspirational voting ok.

Archuleta > Obama

Anyway, CONFESSION: I think bad thoughts about Michelle Obama’s eyebrows. I mean, this is not mean, right? Why doesn’t anyone tell her that they’re totally scary?!


CNN, really … we know it’s hard getting fresh news all the time for a 24-hour news channel but seriously, sometimes just stop trying.

So to get some small interesting thing about Obama’s win out there (besides the rehash of his speech, Hillary’s speech, the speeches of various talking heads, ‘analysts’ etc etc), CNN told me this morning that hey, people in Kenya are celebrating for Obama! Cos Obama was born in Kenya! How awesome is that! More spotlight on Africa!

So here I am waiting for a shot of like a mass of Kenyans with their fists pumped in the air … and like, we see the exterior of a Kenyan pub, a close-up of said pub’s name, cut to a very clear shot of Obama giving a speech (could be a random speech) on a TV, then CUT (i.e. no actual evidence of Kenyan people actually watching this speech) to a bench with like, five Kenyans on it. Five Kenyans who didn’t look super excited or anything. Heck, they may even have been asked to just group together on the bench and tilt their heads up to make it look as if they’re watching a TV.

Then there were some superfluous shots of this Kenyan drink brand called ‘Senator’. Ok.

OK CNN. Just stop it ok.


2 Responses to “obama for prez, the singaporean lowbrow style”

  1. 1 xy

    Jul. You are jus sour-graping la. 😛

  2. 2 Joon

    hahahhaha. yeah i think so too.

    hillary for vice-prez!

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