i love me some journo geeks


In anticipation of “the biggest record of the year”, The Guardian ran this interview with Coldplay (well, mostly just Chris Martin) and it shall be filed under ‘why old journalism sucks ass and new self-conscious journalism rocks ass’:

‘Have I rediscovered God?’ he ponders. ‘Um. No. I’m always trying to work out what he or she or it is. I’m not sure who’s right. I don’t know if it’s Allah or Jesus or Mohammed or Zeus.’ Pause. ‘I’d maybe go for Zeus,’ says this First Class Honours graduate in Ancient World Studies (University College London, class of ’99). ‘I lay claim to being the only person in the world who still believes in Zeus.’

Buckland guffaws at this. But Martin becomes momentarily serious. ‘It’s to do with wonder, isn’t it? The opposite of depression. Anything that we think is incredible and beautiful and wonderful, we ascribe to something that we don’t know what it is. Because no one can explain to you where a rose bush or Jaffa Cakes really come from. And God is just a nice word to sing. But it isn’t any specific god. It’s more… orpheistic.’

I Google orpheistic when I get home. Is it a reference to Orpheus, ‘the father of songs’? Or did he actually say ‘ortheistic’? There are two online references to this, but it turns out both are mistypings of ‘or theistic’. I’m baffled.

That evening, Chris Martin texts me: ‘Thanks for interview today’. Which is nice. And also I think – I hope – his way of saying, ‘No hard feelings.’ I text him back, and take the opportunity to ask him what ortheistic means.

At 12.54am, Martin texts back. ‘It’s a word I made up. ALLTHEISTIC. Means you believe in everything.’

Original article

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