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I just found her. I really have. I’ll bet a huge sum of money on the fact that she’s the one who used John Mayer’s Clarity on a trailer a few years ago. Also probably the same person who used Peter Bjorn & John’s Young Folks earlier this year on another trailer. And now … […]

I always like to think that a person is made up by the films that he watches. I can tell whether I can get along with someone by looking at his/her DVD collection, whether he thinks Infernal Affairs, The Departed is a better film. I used to room with someone who thought The Departed was […]

Extra Golden: ‘Obama’

I’ve been complaining about this for a while already … who decided to update Strawberry Shortcake and make her all cute and hip for the 21st century? So finally someone highlights the issue, but the article doesn’t really hit the tone I would have wanted, which is basically: if it’s a nostalgic character, shouldn’t its […]



It’s Wednesday but my brain is still not at work, which is kind of bad. At this point, I’d trade in part of my pay to maybe convert 1/4 of my workdays into off days or days spent back at school either doing MCQ 10 yr series or listening to kate talking about the dadaists […]

it seems inevitable that after a three-day weekend of ‘this is my birthday and i’ll do whatever i want’ posturing, that i will be here at work on a monday feeling quite empty and ready to do whatever it takes to do something about something (read: planning GRE prep, downloading mentorship applications and looking for […]