So I watched the SATC movie on Wednesday – that’s right, I’m ahead of all you people – with the Ketz, and it was really really fun. You know you kinda worry about revisiting things that were already so good before (coughIndianaJonescough) only to have this revisited thing suck bad, but no, there were no such feelings of wasted opportunity with this movie.

I mean, ok the plot isn’t like the most riveting thing, but it’s about attitude, no? And all those cute little dresses.

So anyway, I’m really starting to hate Manohla Dargis. Last week, NYmag passed on some gossip about her (possibly) throwing a tantrum at Cannes. Ok, and then this week, she comes out with a really horrid review of the movie, and I’m just wondering: who said anything about Sex and the City having to be anything but pure hogwash, pure fun, pure silliness? For gods sake, there is a scene at New York Fashion Week where Samantha gets red paint/blood/something thrown at her by some PETA types, and she just fucking shrugs it off.

Yeah ok this movie is not about morals. Or the betterment of the world. Are movie reviews supposed to be moralistic?

So anyway, David Edelstein (OF COURSE) has a much better handle on the situation. Go read.


3 Responses to “woops”

  1. 1 zat

    i know! i loved it too, jy was bored and hated it…

  2. 2 Joon

    does that make us bad people zat? haha

  3. 3 zat

    i dont know! haha but damn samantha is one hot yummy 50 yr old…. (no, its not my hormones!)..
    anyway dont you just ADORE the way she makes the baggy red 1980s thierry mugler jacket look so damn sexy and chic

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