it is way too hot


and my cramps are escalating without permission. but it’s a national holiday, and it’s nighttime so it’s better than the usual. i suppose.

when it is way too hot, i always find myself looking for something i haven’t seen in a while, but which i really need now. tonight it is my tiny black shoulder bag from dp and i swear it was on that unused side table before my mother came in and cleaned my room. now it’s nowhere, and typically, my mother shrugs and feigns ignorance when i ask her (angrily) where she might have put it. to be fair, in these scenarios i’m usually the one who puts them somewhere i can’t remember but i’ve just reasoned that that anger i direct at her is a general emotion and not one localised to the situation.

ok but these cramps are seriously so constant that i can’t get worked up about anything that seriously. cramps now serve as a reminder to be logical? moderate, more likely. to battle that female-only disease, hysteria.

Not good for menstruation: Cold War Kids.

Good for menstruation, and I presume all other panic-ridden moments: Fleet Foxes.

Since I’ve just typed menstruation three times, I remind myself of that girl who was the subject/main narrator of Feet Unbound. I understand you girl. No one wants to get period.

Having said that, I have to say that when mine did finally come this week, I felt light and giddy and generally contented. I walked off from work yesterday with somewhat of a bounce in my step, as opposed to the heavy bloatedness I’d been feeling since last week. But then, today … cramps.

I realise I just progressed to proper punctuation. There is no running away from proper punctuation if your day job involves writing things that need to be submitted to an editor. (I didn’t want to say “write for a living” cos that would have given the wrong impression)

Ok, so when I knew I was coming here to blog my crankiness away, I knew I had to insert a moral somewhere, and since I was reading The Sartorialist, I thought I’d pick a picture to remind me of what I should strive to grow into:

Carolina Herrera on The Sartorialist, Sept 19, 2007

Carolina Herrera on The Sartorialist, Sept 19, 2007


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