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Thanks to Stuff White People Like, I got to read this: Last month, Joan Laufer, who is white and who moved into a house in Northeast in 2006, stood up to express gratitude to a black minister for describing how hard it was for blacks to get home improvement loans and for addressing some sensitive […]



So I watched the SATC movie on Wednesday – that’s right, I’m ahead of all you people – with the Ketz, and it was really really fun. You know you kinda worry about revisiting things that were already so good before (coughIndianaJonescough) only to have this revisited thing suck bad, but no, there were no […]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Nak nangis


Guess what I saw on the front page of NYT online today? “Deceptively simple and threaded with gentle humor, “Mukhsin” paints the turmoil of puppy love on a canvas of family relationships as delightful as it is believable. With a free-spirited English-speaking mother and a father who helps with housework (“Malays who have forgotten their […]

Not the actual music video. I have no idea how this got onto my iTunes but I’m glad for it because I’m so boreddddddd. CD shopping this weeeeek.



This is super loser but I’m sitting here at my desk listening to depressing songs because I’m depressed. Apa lah Joon.